Exterior Plaster Repair In Auckland

Exterior Plaster Repair In Auckland

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

How to touching up your home exterior

Having pristine exterior paint can increase the appeal of your home, and also it protects from different damages like heat-intensive summers, wet winters, and heavy storms are some natural elements that can wear down exterior. Exterior paintingAuckland needs to defend it by touching up the exterior paint in the first place.

exterior painting auckland

Do you notice any bubble, tainted, and flakes between paint jobs that can end up harming your home? Think smartly and prevent this from happening. 

Follow these exterior painting Auckland tips that will help you maintain the home exterior for a long time. 

Tools and materials you need:

  • Primer
  • Paint scraper
  • Exterior finish paint
  • Paint applicator
  • Wire brush
  • Old rag
1) Head outside and examine the siding:

First, walk around the home and look for areas where color may be peeling, chipped, or flaking. You can also look for some signs of bubbling paint, water damage, or areas that have faded away by the sun. These are the areas that need touching up. 

2) Get a ladder to inspect the upper siding and trimming:

Once you have checked the exterior side on foot get a ladder and examine the top siding and trim. It would help if you looked for some red signs.

3) Clean areas where you notice any damage:

To begin this, you need to grab a paint scraper and remove the paint that not tightly stuck to the siding or trim. Don't be afraid of removing too much, if the color is coming off quickly with a scraper.

It's not protecting the home from any elements or water damage. 

4) Use a wire brush to remove flakes:

After you're done with a scraper, use a wire brush to remove any remaining paint flakes. If the siding still has some dirt and grime on it, clan it with an old rag and warm water. 

Make sure you get a clean surface as possible to do any touch-ups. 

5) Get matched paint:

If you have original paint you have painted your house with, it is a good thing, but chances are there might fade away and will no longer match. 

exterior painting auckland

To get a matched exterior paintingAucklandyou need to good exterior primer to make sure the sidings area dry thoroughly. 

6) Apply a layer of primer:

You need to read the instructions on the label before using and follow it exactly. Let the primer dry before you apply the touch-up paint.

7) Touch up any affected area:

After that, use that same paint applicator that you initially used to paint the exterior of the home. You can purchase the primer and paint from any local home improvement store.

8) Spread a small bit of new paint around the area:

When you are applying touch up paint, make sure you spread a little bit of fresh paint around the areas that are being re-touched, so it blends easily with the rest of the exterior. You can usually do it with a brush. 

9) Let the paint fully dry:

If the color you are using is too light, try to apply a second or third coat to get it right exterior paint.

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